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What is "normal?"

What is "normal?"

In your best words…describe what is “normal.” Would you name the kind of car you drive? Where you live? Who you hang out with? What time you go to bed every night? What your go to meal is? I just named five different questions with almost an infinite number of possible answers from any given person. So once again I pose the question…what actually is “normal?”

As you may already be able to tell I think this is a little bit of a trick question and I’m beginning to realize it might not be quite as black and white as I had perceived. Recognizing this really got me thinking about this idea of what is “normal?” I talked about this recently with a good friend of mine, Colton Jackson, on his podcast (check out the Worship Collective podcast) and this is essentially what we came to the conclusion of…

When I say that my life, or something about my life, is normal, what I’m inherently stating is that the way everyone else lives is not normal. I get it, initially that sounds overly dramatic, but when you look big picture…there’s some truth to this. My idea of normal looks completely different from what any of the people I interact with daily would consider normal. Then my perspective is naturally shaped around my perception of things, which from what I’ve began to realize is skewed based off what I have either grown up with, experienced, or even been told was “normal.”

I asked a handful of people that I interact with daily to give me a brief synopsis of things that they thought were normal growing up and here are just a few examples that were mentioned…

- hot Texas summers

- cold northeast winters

- going to lunch at grandma’s every Sunday

- working on the lake every summer

- spending weekdays with mom and weekends with dad

These are just a few examples of things that five different people said were completely normal in their lives. With this in mind, I believe it suggests a few things about this idea of normality. The first thing is what I have stated previously above; we cannot classify our own lives as normal because of what it suggests about everyone else’s lives. According to Webster’s the definition of normal is, “the usual, average, or typical state or condition.” All of these people would say the things above were completely normal in their context…

Second, in my mind this only reinforces that idea of listening to other’s stories. If we want to begin to understand what others call normal, we have to hear where they’ve come from and everything that comes with who they are. We are shaped by the things we experience and that is what defines our own personal story…and we need to listen to the perspectives that other people carry regardless of whether we agree or disagree. Listening, and truly listening, is what should be happening.

Lastly, I believe it suggests that we have a greater call as human beings, as I have stated in a previous post, that through these stories and perspectives we should be constantly shaping our own. Not to say everything we listen to has to be something we agree upon or get on board with, but they should be listened to and allowed to be heard from every outside perspective. Ultimately I think what this comes down to is, compassion and a hope to understand should be all of our first steps as humans toward one another.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some of the ways that I personally am able to give my perspective and tell my own stories.

Talk soon,

- Tyler

Figuring it out

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Figuring it out

So here’s the deal…

I’m new here…like really new…but I’m excited to be new and to be here. I’m sure you’re asking, even two sentences into this, “alright, what’s so important about this guys blog?” To be truthful…I don’t know. I’m not sure if there’s anything ground breaking that will come from what is posted here. It may never be read by anyone other than my friends and family. To be brutally honest, it may just end up being for me to help reflect on things. However, what I do know is that there is much more to this world than what I’ve seen in my 24 years of life and every time I meet someone new, I realize how beautiful and unique every persons story is.

After reflecting on 2018 (one of the busiest yet growth filled years of my life) I’ve recognized three very specific things. I’ve realized that every person…

  1. is a Storyteller

  2. is a “creative,” whether they realize it or not

  3. has a unique perspective of the world, and that perspective is critical to see

Indulge with me for a moment and agree with me that all three of these things are true (even though I’m sure some of you disagree already HA!). By agreeing that all these things are true about every individual, on the plant, then I’m going to propose that we have an even greater calling as human beings. I believe that it’s our job to call these truths out of one another. The people we love, the people we don’t quite like, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else you meet daily! We should be listening to stories, and telling our own! We should be recognizing where creativity lives within the people around us, but also where it lives with us. And, with that information we should be expressing it in regards to how we see the world.

At the end of this past year (2018) I told myself that I wanted to begin/create something that allowed us all to recognize that we are more similar than we are different. Not necessarily in an earth shattering way or an “end world hunger” kind of way. Simply just a loving human nature kind of way.

Here’s my hope…I want to create something that isn’t just my thoughts but also a combination of thoughts from the people around me and also the people around you. Being a musician, songwriter, and worship leader (among other things) I want this to become a conversation of thoughts, stories, ideas, and dreams for everyone, but specially for people who find themselves in a similar place as I am. A “Creative Manifesto” for those who have dreams and aspirations that are bold and specifically those in the creative industry. I want to help those who are ambitious and have BIG dreams to chase them, but also to help everyone else around them see that they can chase the BIG dreams of their lives too.

Can’t wait to talk more soon,


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