I heard someone in an interview recently talk about how the world needs people do what they do, and to do it great. That thought got me thinking about my own life and the things that I do….

Now let me preface by saying this, I don’t believe we are defined by the things we do. That’s an entirely different post, but for today just go with me and that understanding of my perspective. There’s a handful of things that I do regularly that I believe the world needs me to do excellently. Leading worship, writing songs, creating great art, entertaining, and leading are just an example of those things. Along with that, the world also needs everyone else to do what they do excellently. If you’re a plumber, we (the world) need you to be excellent plumbers. If you’re a teacher, we need you to be excellent educators. If you’re a politician we need you to be excellent leaders.

Here’s the kicker…I think sometimes we fear this idea of demanding excellence. I know I have in my life been afraid of demanding excellence because I didn’t want anyone to think of me as bossy or rude. By default I found myself being overly passive, and not growing in the different ways that I wanted to. Demanding excellence isn’t rude, wrong, it doesn’t make you a jerk, but I believe its necessary (especially if you have lofty goals) and the world needs you to demand excellence from yourself and the things you do.

Here’s my call to you…be excellent in everything you do! Don’t see excellence as this means of “I can’t screw up” or “I can’t suck.” That’s not true! DARE TO SUCK! DARE TO FAIL! When the possibility of failing comes into play that means that you are pushing boundaries and growing. Be encouraged of these three things…

  1. Demanding excellence is not rude but recommended

  2. Don’t be afraid to fail because through failure comes success

  3. You have the freedom to do whatever you want…use that freedom to your advantage

Go be excellent today,

- Tyler