Over the past two weeks I’ve played music in three different states in multiple different venues/scenarios. Within those two weeks I played a show with my band in Columbia, SC at the New Brookland Tavern, I led worship for a student retreat called “AYL weekend” at Roswell UMC in Roswell, GA, led worship at my home church, Grace Marietta in Marietta, GA, and then flew to Cincinnati, Ohio to lead worship for a student event . All throughout these past two weeks, I’ve felt like I haven’t stopped running somewhere. Whether during the 3 and 1/2 hour drive to Columbia or being up early/late Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, having jet lag from flying to Ohio, or whatever it is… here I am Monday morning feeling ready to tackle the week. Here’s what I learned/recognized from these past two weeks.

There’s been plenty of times in my life where I’ve been just as busy as this past weekend, but the end result on Monday morning is much different than today…where I’ve been on the couch all day binge watching Netflix shows trying to recoup from the events prior. What I feel I’ve recognized the difference between those times and now is the amount of life that came from what I was doing. In these past two weeks I was doing exactly what I loved and what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It has me thinking about just life in general. I know for me personally, I spent a year of my life working a job I didn’t want to be working and trying to figure out what it was in my life that made me come alive. During that time, as tough as it was, I learned so much about myself and what it is that brings joy and life to my day to day. Now hear me when I say I still think I’m figuring that out but I’m recognizing how important it is to be doing things that bring you life. And I get that sometimes thats not possible…the circumstance we are in may not allow it and we all have bills to pay, but here’s my challenge.

Find that thing that makes you come alive, no matter what it is. Once you’ve got it, find a small way that you can either create something, have goals/a dream, pair up with a team to get something off the ground, literally anything! It could be a podcast, a blog, creating music, building an art studio, making a game room in your house, or a home studio. It could be setting up a home brewing station to brew your own beer, or starting a garden. Whatever you know deep down you’ve been saying to yourself, “I’ve always wanted to do that,” and then go find a way to start doing it in a small way and let it grow. You’d be surprised at how much life can come from just doing one small thing that you love.

Comment below what you’re that is for you, and how you’re going to start doing it!

- Tyler