Tyler jarvis is a Singer | Songwriter


Based out of Atlanta, by way of Cincinnati, Tyler is a singer-songwriter who brings a fresh and purposeful approach to pop music. Through unique and interesting compositions combined with honest and crafted lyrics, Tyler’s music is an emotional and captivating experience for any listener.

Tyler began his career in Cincinnati, OH where over the course of a year he released two singles, “Stay True” and “Way Out” while also playing in countless coffee shops and venues throughout Cincinnati. During this time in Tyler’s career he began to recognize what his dreams and aspirations were for his music…and that was simply to write music that gave people a voice in a situation they couldn’t put words to themselves.

After spending a year and a half in Cincinnati, Tyler made his south to Atlanta, GA to continue his pursuit of a dream. Within just one year Tyler has already began making a name for himself within the Atlanta music scene playing at nearly every open mic in the city as well as playing at local venues such as The Red Clay Music Foundry, Smith’s Olde Bar, and Eddies Attic.

In June of this year, Tyler released an EP titled Revelry which tells stories of triumph but also heartbreak, choices, dreams and decisions. Tyler is a nationwide touring act and will be traveling all over the United States throughout 2019.

Photos by Luke Lambertson & Nathanuel Williams.